Frequently Asked Questions

Is this group for me?

I sure hope so! We welcome everyone who wants to relax and get some good board gaming played in a positive atmosphere. If you're reading this that means you.

Who is bg@semc affiliated with?

As the name denotes we are a part of the SEMC Church and get to use their great facilities.

When are game nights?

We meet on a bi-weekly basis. Check out our Facebook group to see specific events.

Game nights start at 6:30pm and usually go until 10pm or even later!


You are welcome to bring your own snacks/drinks and even bring more to share. We often have a communal table where we share various goodies with each other.

Also, please be conscientious of eating and drinking while playing board games. The people who own these games most likely don't want your greasy fingers wrecking the cardboard.

If you want to share ordering take out, like pizza, use the forums to find others who would also like to order with you.

What should I bring?

For food, see the question above.

Also bring any board games you'd like to play. Please stick to games that won't offend others. If you're not sure feel free to contact us about it.

A friend! Bring as many people as you can. Tabletop gaming is nothing without the people to play them. The more the merrier.

What should I not bring?

Please do not bring any alcohol, games that are offensive, profanity, or bad attitudes. Thank you!